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The Association for Gender Studies in Finland is a national scientific association that aims at promoting Women’s and Gender Studies in the Finnish context. The association was founded in 1988 as ’The Association for Women’s Studies in Finland’. The name was changed into ’The Association for Gender Studies’ in 2014.

The association publishes the Sukupuolentutkimus – Genusforskning journal and participates in the organization of the annual Gender Studies Conference in Finland. In addition, the association also participates in public discussions and policy-making processes regarding Women’s and Gender Studies.

The board of the association consists of representatives from all Women’s and Gender Studies units in different Finnish universities. Also the Sukupuolentutkimus – Genusforskning  journal and Gender Studies students are represented in the board. The chair of the association is currently at the University of Helsinki. The editorial board of the journal and the responsibility for arranging the Gender Studies Conference rotate between different universities.

The membership of the association is open for all individuals and institutions interested in Women’s and Gender Studies. If you would like to become a member, please fill out the electronic membership form here (in Finnish only) or contact us at sunsjasenet(at)